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Franz Josef


Wagon Franz Josef

dining carriage

This carriage is dedicated to the Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph I with respect to the 100th anniversary of his death in 2016. In accordance to this claim the baptizing of the carriage took place in October 2015 under the honorable patronage of Herta Margarete and Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen. Of course the Emperor himself is also present inside the carriage – almost in life-size on a finely woven Gobelin. But also many other details bring back glamourous memories of the pompous Emperor´s era. High grade fabrics with lavish deco elements emblazon the walls, affectionately squiggled brazen lamps round up the aristocratic ambience coherently.

At the same time FRANZ JOSEPH also impresses with a perfect sound system which is suitable for all genres. As well as the direct and indirect lighting which can create the appropriate mood for any event due to modern LED technology. Also remarkable: all tables and chairs are manufactured in Austria.

Like in all other Majestic carriages the historical relict must not be missing in this new one - it is displayed in a fancy show case: a small pipe for which Eugen Ketterl, the Emperor´s personal valet gave proof of its originality in 1916.


  • 1 WC, 1 kitchen, 1 bar, 2 refrigerators, temperature control system (heating / cooling), 1 DJ studio with a mixing desk, USB interface, microphone, 1 silver screen for presentations, 1 power supply for beamer
  • 7 tables for 4 = 28 dining seats
  • 7 tables for 2 = 14 dining seats
  • in total 42 dining seats

Waggonbild FranzJosef 

Franz Josef Skizze EN

Salon 1


Salon I

dining carriage / compartments

The original train of the emperor was furnished with an oak parquet floor, the doors had veneers of maple and nut tree roots, the brass trimmings with handles of ivory and the cover plates of the keyholes
were vermeil gold and decorated with the initial »E«. The Salon I, incidentally the oldest carriage of our fleet, was built in Prague by the renowned wagon and locomotive factory Franz Ringhoffer in Prague-Smichov, the same company that built the Court Salon Train.

The "Salon I" carriage has 14 seats in its coffee house style salon and an additional 18 seats in luxury compartment seats. The three private compartments have been designed in three colors of the monarchy, red, royal blue and rose. The salon truly breathes that special feeling of coziness, known as "Gemütlichkeit", which Austria's coffee-houses are famous for. It also houses a charming bar with tea kitchen. On request, a piano player can entertain the guests.

Waggonbild Salon1

Salon I EN



Wagon Excelsior

dining / entertainment

Did you know that far into the 19th century, every place had its own time, which was measured by the location of the sun and displayed on the church tower? It was the locomotive that brought about the necessity of normalizing time, since trips that earlier had taken days could now be mastered in just a few hours. The railroad companies introduced normalized time.

The European imperial train runs to a timetable. It is no longer necessary to observe the position of the sun, and even if it is raining outside you will be comfortable on board.

The Excelsior carriage is a work of art. It took over 5000 hours of artistic wood-carving to complete. Even the ceiling paintings from the original train were carefully copied. It seats up to 43 guests for dining ( 39 if part of the dance floor is converted to a dining table for 4 ). Your guests may relax at the bar with inlaid woods and brass furnishings or use the dance floor in the centre, which can also be used for a buffet off-set or for live music such as a piano player, string quartet, jazz band or any other live music of your choice.

The dance floor has a BOSE system with a lighting system to play all kinds of music. A compartment overlooking the carriage allows the disc-jockey to keep the atmosphere at its best. The red fabrics are from the original weaving tables of the Imperial house and at one end of the carriage, you'll find the original mirror of Empress Elisabeth's carriage, one of the few original items which have survived through the World Wars. This carriage also features a kitchen of its own.

Waggonbild Excelsior

Excelsior EN



Wagon Fourgon

supply unit

This carriage was originally built in 1927 as dining carriage for the legendary Mitropa German luxury train. It was rebuilt by Majestic Imperator to serve as the supply carriage with staff quarters, bathroom and shower. It features a large, modern kitchen with large walk-in refrigerator for full catering services and a large diesel power generator to supply the entire train. It also has a large ice cube maker, bakery for fresh bread and a large luggage compartment. Guests are not allowed to enter this carriage.

Waggonbild Fourgon

Fourgon EN




Wagon Equipage

dining carriage


Sisi's Court Salon Carriage was magnificently appointed: Sofa, armchair, makeup table, gaming table, writing table, salon and a compartment for the servant, all decorated with heavy green silk, the textile covering in hundreds of pleats and upholstered with horsehair. Elaborate Jacquard-weaving for all embroidery, borders, buttons, all embroidered with Sisi's »E«.

This carriage was furnished with original fabrics from Schönbrunn Palace. Wood-carved Italian chairs, a gallery showing paintings of the imperial couple, ensure an incomparable traveling experience.
The Equipage carriage seats up to 36 guests for fine dining or other events. This carriage also has a tea kitchen and bar and can be attached to regular trains for private groups. The curtains were made on the original Imperial weaving tables. Interior walls are made from walnut with fine Italian inlaid woods and brass furnishings.

Guests can also enjoy a picture gallery along the walls of the original train. This carriage is ideal for product presentations, seminars etc. Tables and chairs can be removed for a flexible set-up, such as a large buffet, or a ballroom dance floor or other arrangements of your choice.

Waggonbild Equipage

Equipage EN



Wagon Ambassador

dining carriage 

"If I had arrived somewhere and knew that I couldn't get away ever again, this sojourn would turn paradise into hell," remarked Empress Elisabeth to her Greek tutor Christomanos. Throughout her life, Sisi was always in motion, whether on horseback, in a carriage, or, later, in a train.

From the comfortable armchairs, which could seat 36 guests, one can observe the breathtaking landscape passing by outside the windows and enjoy the delicacies that are being prepared in the kitchen!
This carriage is prepared for fine dining and features a beautiful piano bar. The interior was kept in dark cherry wood and comes with imperial decorations and brass furnishings. Part of the original curtain of the Emperor's balcony at the Vienna State Opera is prominently displayed, featuring the hand woven crest of the Monarch. It features a kitchen for catering and a small luggage compartment.

Waggonbild Ambassador

Ambassador EN




Wagon Elisabeth

dining  wagon / coupés

Heavy silks in the boudoir, light angora pelts in the sleeping carriage, handles of ivory on the brass fittings – that is how it looked, the Court Salon Carriage of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth. When Sisi was in transit, her travel marshal prepared special itineraries – the train of the imperial court traveled with absolute right of way over all other vehicles; during the night, no goods were permitted to travel on his majesty's route, in order not to disturb the peaceful run of the imperial couple's compartment.

This carriage is dedicated to Empress Elisabeth and has been kept in her favorite color, blue. And just as in Sisi's day, the guests enjoy unlimited consideration in the European Imperial Train! This carriage offers 24 dining seats in the salon and 24 luxury compartment seats in 4 private compartments.

This carriage carries the name of the legendary Empress Elisabeth, lovingly known as "Sisi". She was known as the travelling Empress, for she loved to explore the world. She would often read and write poetry when riding aboard the Imperial train. The interior design of this carriage reflects her favorite colors, fabrics and patterns.
This carriage has a kitchen and a beautiful bar. You will also find the hand-woven Imperial crest on the original curtain from the Vienna State Opera with real pearls from the Danube. This carriage lends itself very well for groups up to 24, who would like to alternate between dining seats in the salon and luxury compartment seats or larger groups, who can alternate between the two.

Waggonbild Elisabeth

Elisabeth EN

Enjoy a journey in a palace on wheels.

Around the turn of Century a journey in a luxury steam train through picturesque landscapes and magnificent cities of Europe was part of the exquisite attitude to life of the “Fin de siècle”. These travels with in the grand trains of the past remained unforgotten for a good reason. The comfortable coupés and luxurious furnishing were as much part of the travel experience as well as the perfect service at glamorous dinners with culinary highlights. Enjoy your travel in our noble luxury compartments on board or let time joyfully pass by with a relaxing drink in one of our dining salons. Spoil yourself with a journey in a gorgeous train ...

We will be happy to welcome you on board soon.

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