Together with the founder Gottfried Rieck the Viennese real estate developer Stefan Gutmann has brought one of the
most beautiful trains of Europe back on track after extensive restorations. Beginning with spring 2013 the imperial-royal court train
Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe has taken off again to exclusive tours across Europe in a romantic train atmosphere.
While Stefan Gutmann, who has been fond of this train for many years, is now head of the economic management,
Gottfried Rieck has retired from the daily business but of course is still a our disposal as senior consultant.

A young dynamic team takes care of the operative business on board of the Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe
with deep passion for nostalgia and luxury.

The Majestic Imperator

Enjoy the luxury of an imperial journey!

Our Team

Our team will be glad to assist you

Our cuisine

Culinary variety at imerial level - according to your wishes and budget.

Enjoy a journey in a palace on wheels.

Around the turn of Century a journey in a luxury steam train through picturesque landscapes and magnificent cities of Europe was part of the exquisite attitude to life of the “Fin de siècle”. These travels with in the grand trains of the past remained unforgotten for a good reason. The comfortable coupés and luxurious furnishing were as much part of the travel experience as well as the perfect service at glamorous dinners with culinary highlights. Enjoy your travel in our noble luxury compartments on board or let time joyfully pass by with a relaxing drink in one of our dining salons. Spoil yourself with a journey in a gorgeous train ...

We will be happy to welcome you on board soon.

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